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We Go Tonight

(Blinkie made by Betti Gefecht)

Another enchanting piece written by Morgan Locklear (with a little help from myself) for his "Bella Voce" sequel "Brutte Parole". Like in "Watching NY Go By", he and I are impersonating the story characters. This time it is five (!!) of them, discussing what to do to free kidnapped Bella... eager Emmet, reasonable soldier Jasper, torn Alice and desperate Edward whose worries are mirrored by Esme.

(Music & lyrics: Morgan Locklear. Sung by Morgan and Betti. Produced by Betti on her brave Macbook.)
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Great song conveying very detailed the emotions and the tone of the story! Thank you.

debbie valente said...

Great polyphany in the tradition of great composers. A fine, rich duet. Grazie!