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Wish I Knew You Better (Good Vibrations)

This award-winning oneshot was a fun collaboration of my BFF Uhyesplease and me. We split the PVOs between us; Uhyesplease walked in Bella's shoes while I turned into Edward.

At one point in this story, Edward happens to perform a song he had written for Bella at a time when they hadn't even met in person and only know each other by their blogger screennames. I thought it would be nice to hear the music that goes with the lyrics. So here it is... Edward's somewaht unfinished song for Bella.

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(Music and song lyrics by Betti Gefecht. Performed by Betti, and recorded on her brave Macbook)
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Girl, I don't know your face
But I often picture it at night
Girl I don't know your name
But I whisper it in the morning light
With my heart I know you quite alright

Still I wish I knew you better
Yeah I wish I knew you better

Wish I could tell you how I feel,
not in a chatroom, but for real.
Wish I could give you just one kiss
for real, not in parentheses.
With my heart I know you, just like this

Still I wish I knew you better
Girl, I wish I knew you better

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