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Beautiful (when you come)

I always wanted to put the 'parental advisory' thingie on one of my albums, Well, this time I might get lucky... LOL. Anyway, this song is rrrrreally sexy in my book, and a true love song too. Because it's a song about making love. It will go with the last chapter of YTC. Please hold on to your panties (or whatever undies you're wearing) when you listen (or read the lyrics below). And please be 18 or older... duh!

(Music and lyrics by Betti Gefecht. Performed by Betti. Produced by Betti on her brave Macbook.)

Hush, my love
I wanna hear you breathe
The rustle of lingerie
And gentle hands that play
With what is underneath
Would that be ok?

I love the way you blush, my love
The siren call of your skin
Ever so eager to taste the heat
The sweet bouquet of your need
I want to drink you in
Until you scream and fist the sheet

And when you do this
I worship you with
My eyes and my soul and my tongue
'cuz you're so beautiful
When you come

No need to rush, my love
I want to do it sweet and slow
Sometimes maybe a little rough
Sometimes, baby, I can't get close enough
I love you so
I need to feel you head to toe

I give you my heart and my hand
Give you head 'til you're spent
I'm so glad I'm your friend
And not your mom
(though you're young)
'cuz you're so beautiful
When you come

With my face buried in your hair
I sigh, I swear, I moan, I hum
You're so beautiful...

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