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Rumor Has It

This time, things went the other way round. In exchange for a customized, artsy banner I made for her, Addicted-To-Romione-Bedward (helluva penname, right?) composed a sweet 'n short O/S around one of my original songs, weaving the lyrics in. The song "Rumor Has It" going to be on my next album, btw.

(Music written and Performed by Betti Gefecht. Recorded at FMB studios, Stade/Germany. Produced by Liber Freimann)

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Rumor has it
That you are back in town
Rumor has it
That you're around again here.

Someone said he saw you Monday
Searching that old record store
For Joni
But how am I supposed to be sure before
You phone me?

Rumor has it
That you've returned home
Rumor has it
That you're finally growing tired of roaming around

Some said he saw you lately and that you've cut your pony tail
He said you looked bony
I won't remember how to exhale
Until you phone me

I would calm my voice down to the easiest tone
I would tease you and say, 'Hey - what took you so long'
And, 'How's it going?'

I would bite my tongue not to say, 'Told, you so!
And besides, how come I am the last one to be
In the knowing?'

Rumor has it
There's someone with you
Guess I should bless it
Guess it was overdue

Someone said she is supposedly your wife to be
Well, you spend no time, don't you?
Another passing whim; you will come back to me
Won't you?

© 2010/2011 B. Gefecht

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