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("Dear Robert Pattinson...") Bedtime Stories

Forgive me... this is not related to fan fiction at all, but... but... you see... I mean... unf! IKR??? LOL. The video below made me infamous as the "Crazy Rob-Stalking Lady". Fans of RPattz threatened me with lawsuits and lit the funeral piles on countless blogs, and bombed my mailbox with hate mails. JMFC... it's just a song, guys!!!! Even Ted Casablanca of eOnline honored me with his attention, which made my youtube traffic explode... well, snows of yesteryear. Compared to what twihards call "Robporn" these days, this is more like a kids' bday party anyway. I still like it - can't help myself.

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But... there's a lovely little O/S composed around this song, written for me by a talented friend: Bedtime Stories (the fic) by Afragilelittlehuman
(music & lyrics: Betti Gefecht. Performed by Betti. Produced at FMB Studios, Stade/Germany.)

(video/animation by Betti Gefecht)

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