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Little Green

This story elicited the most amazing and heartfelt reactions ever; I was absolutely overwhelmed. This song is the one Bella sang to Edward when he was a child, the song that gave Edward his 'secret name'. Hope you like my version of this beautiful Mitchell tune.

(Written by Joni Mitchell. Performed by Betti Gefecht. Recorded on Betti's brave Macbook.)

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Little Green (You can download this MP3 for free! Click the small arrow on the right side.


likeitlemony said...

I always LOVED this song and your cover of it is amazing. Your use of this song as the catalyst for Little Green and Easybella makes me so happy. I smile whenever I think of it.

I'm going to check out the rest of your work.



Double_Dippin said...

love it girll I'm reading this ff sweet rendition

Arc Morpheus said...

I have always had a special fondness for this song, and your beautiful voice just made it squish back into my heart and mind again..... Thank you xx Arc