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Find My Way Home

(Blinkie made by Betti Gefecht)

Beautiful duet with Morgan Locklear for his "Bella Voce" sequel "Brutte Parole". He and I are impersonating Jasper and Alice. Just like "Watching NY Go By", I produced this one too on my Macbook, played the guitar and put together a Midsummer Night's Dream of sorts with some crickets and nightingales. Enjoy!

(Music & lyrics: Morgan Locklear. Sung by Morgan and Betti. Guitar: Betti Gefecht. Produced by Betti on her brave Macbook.)
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MOG said...

Love you Betti!

drmusic said...

You guys are RAD! Zehr Toll!

Anonymous said...

Mog and Betti, this was such a beautiful song!!!! I had to come by to tell you how moved I was when I listened to it! I feel so lucky, as a reader and a fan of you both, that I have the chance to experience your gifts. Thank you for sharing parts of yourselves with us. You both are so talented, and I'm in love with this song!!!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely enthralling. Thank you for doing so much more than writing a story. Emotions run high.
thank you
so much